2017 USA Adidas Cup
Team Schedules - 2005 Boys - Gold
Flight Notice:

At the USA Adidas Cup we dislike meaningless consolation games. To avoid consolation games we have configured this bracket as a cross group bracket. For pool play games, each team will play the teams from the opposite Bracket. This provides each team with three pool play games that ALL count in determining the teams playing for the Championship!
***** Final games will be the top two overall teams in points after pool play *****

Please disregard the advancement comment below
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WildCards Bracket Ladder Display Final      

ALL A      

Advancing to Next Round: top 2 place team(s) from each Bracket and 0 Wildcards.
  Tie Breaker
Group -- A 1  2  3  Total
Goal DiffGoals AgainstGoals For
 B2 : La Roca S-CS99927 8  2  10 
 B3 : Wasatch Elite 05B - BW109120 3  4  7 
 A1 : Sparta 05 Premier JC100919 4  3  7 
 A3 : Aggies FC 05B BH - NUU0819 -5  7  2 
 A2 : USA Premier 05B - PR1089 -5  8  3 
 B1 : Comba FC 05B Yellow0011 -5  6  1 

Bracket - Tuesday, August 15, 2017
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 837415  West Jordan Complex  04:00 PM  R B1 vs A1Comba FC 05B Yellow 0 vs.Sparta 05 Premier JC3
 837419  West Jordan Complex  04:00 PM  G B2 vs A2La Roca S-CS 5 vs.USA Premier 05B - PR1
 837423  West Jordan Complex  04:00 PM  H B3 vs A3Wasatch Elite 05B - BW 4 vs.Aggies FC 05B BH - NUU0

Bracket - Wednesday, August 16, 2017
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 837421  West Jordan Complex  05:30 PM  H B1 vs A3Comba FC 05B Yellow 0 vs.Aggies FC 05B BH - NUU1
 837416  West Jordan Complex  07:00 PM  F A1 vs B2Sparta 05 Premier JC 0 vs.La Roca S-CS2
 837420  West Jordan Complex  07:00 PM  S A2 vs B3USA Premier 05B - PR 0 vs.Wasatch Elite 05B - BW2

Bracket - Thursday, August 17, 2017
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 837422  West Jordan Complex  04:00 PM  Q A3 vs B2Aggies FC 05B BH - NUU 1 vs.La Roca S-CS3

Bracket - Friday, August 18, 2017
GameVenueTimeFieldGroupHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 837418  West Jordan Complex  02:30 PM  S A2 vs B1USA Premier 05B - PR 2 vs.Comba FC 05B Yellow1
 837417  West Jordan Complex  02:30 PM  R B3 vs A1Wasatch Elite 05B - BW 1 vs.Sparta 05 Premier JC4

Final - Saturday, August 19, 2017
GameVenueTimeFieldHome TeamScore Away TeamScore
 50490  West Jordan Complex  06:00 PM  O La Roca S-CS 7 vs.Wasatch Elite 05B - BW0

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